Frequently Asked Questions

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What is our street address, and how do I get my mail?


I need help getting access from BSRL to Keating, how do I go about making this request?


I just moved into the building and I don't have internet access. Who do I ask for help?


I have a printer that I need networked. Who do I ask for help?


I would like to print to the shared BSRL Ricoh copiers on the third floor and in the lobby. How do I get access to print to them?


I have an event and want to use the lobby and/or courtyard, how do I go about initiating this request?


The lights in my office/work area turn off after a few minutes of no movement. How can I change this?


I have a cabinet / lights / general lab equipment that I need installed, how do I initiate this request?


I am setting up my lab and am missing hooks / screws / chairs, what information do I need to provide to initiate these requests?


How do I adjust my Aeron chair?


I need help getting the light sensors adjusted in my area, how do I go about doing this?


I put in a request already, what is the appropriate method to follow up with / adjust my pending request?


There is a problem with digital signage / AV equipment in the conference rooms, how do I get these issues resolved?